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We make life easy for Freelancers, contractors, consultants and small businesses through our business insurance solutions!

It’s a man eat man world out there and we are not talking about the jungle. Welcome to the business world where the upper hand on the suit can wins the blame. It is every occupational professional’s nightmare - an impending law suit that could drive their hard sought businesses to the ground.

You work tirelessly to keep your business up and running. We work hard to safeguard from financial Losses!

Over 350 professions and businesses already insured!!

Here at Professions Insured we are keen on offering professional insurance services at affordable rates. We appreciate our clients’ position as business persons in these tumultuous economic times. Our objective is to help you walk a tight rope with the ease of a trapeze act in the circus that is today’s business world.

Get Professional Indemnity for as low as £78.40 p.a. Yes! Believe it!

We are a Chartered Insurance Broker firm. Our professionalism is on a class of its own.

Insurance never sounded so assuring!

It is said that a lawsuit can be filed at the drop of a hat. We on the other hand can insure faster than any judge can use their gavel.
Using our online platform you can get insured in 10 minutes.

Why choose us?

At Professions Insured we take pride in our proficiency. We interact with our clients both at a professional and personal level so that we fully understand what your business means to you and we adopt the same sentiments. In other words we treat your business as if it was our own.

With Professions Insured on my side I can sleep better at night knowing that they’re awake fighting tooth and nail for my business.

– James Rivers, Sheffield

I have always been suspicious of insurance companies but logbookdomain3.com has made a believer out of this doubting Thomas.

– Juliet Pink, Chelsea

I recently found myself in an unexpected frivolous lawsuit that would have cost me my entire life savings. Luckily for me the good people at logbookdomain3.com came to my rescue.

– Robert Drakes, London

Buying a professional indemnity insurance policy at logbookdomain3.com was the best decision I ever made for my business.

– Judith Meredith, Southampton